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Claire O | 2014 NWP

Reconnected with the beautiful Claire a little while ago while she was in Toronto. 

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Kids of Summer | NWP 2014

Once in a while you can be on a job, and suddenly opportunity strikes. While on set, had an opportunity to capture some of the talented kids being cool, talented kids.

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Good friend and beauty Angela Lewis of the angeblog got together a little while ago and had some fun being weird and free young persons. Love her, so good, so talented! 

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East End Project | NWP 2014

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting one of my favourite creative collaborators Paulo Salomao and his business partner Eric Vieira for their latest venture. Check them out on their newly unveiled website East End Project (do yourselves a favour and scroll up and down on their portraits in the Who We Are section) and like their Facebook page if you want to keep up with their creative projects.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with Paulo since last fall and am super excited to share some of the behind the scenes of this shoot with this dynamic duo!

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frail lull - speed painting

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Visionaries: Conrad Ouchi | NWP 2014

I’ve wanted to shoot Conrad Ouchi, a wonderful and amazingly talented, multi-disciplinary artist, for a long time. I finally was able to get a chance to sit him down in front of the camera during one of his stops in Toronto, where we got to chat about family, art and his future projects. Having previously seen his work previously, it’s amazing to see how much of himself he puts into it. There is wisdom and patience in his face, and it’s certainly reflected in his projects. So glad I got to sit down with him.

Photo 2 Jul 4,219 notes completely hypnotic. can’t. stop. mind. melting.

completely hypnotic. can’t. stop. mind. melting.

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Visionaries: Shalan & Paul | NWP 2014

Sorry it’s been so long since a post everyone! Things have been going a little crazy with the start of the summer, and though it’s taken a toll on the personal projects, I’m happy to say that it’s great fuel to keep me going and bring all of you new things to ogle at on the internet.

A month or so back, I got to visit with the incredible duo that is Shalan & Paul. This photo team shoots some incredible black and white portrait work; total masters of the classics with updated modern twists. Their eye for the beautiful belies their hilarious nature behind the camera, so I’m super happy I was able to get them in front and show it off. Find them online at

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(Source: moonlandingx)

via .
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Flashback to some of the gorgeous street scenes walking around DC and NYC. #takemeback 

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Visionaries: Thierry Levesque | NWP 2014

Thierry Levesque, a lover of lego and Diva of Dots. Thierry originally asked me to shoot some portraits of her and her budding family. A few months later we finally got around to it and I was introduced to her absolutely incredible pointilism artwork. With a penchant for vivid colours and nostalgic media (one piece is crafted entirely of hand cut vintage Archies comics), her pieces match her fun and colour personality to a T. Stay tuned to see some of the work I photographed for  her portfolio a little down the line. 

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Untitled Portraits | NWP 2014

Been playing around with new sets and ways to change the dynamic of the on white portrait. This latest lighting set-up gave way to a lighting approach that I love, both reminiscent of natural light, with a bit of the hard edge of strobes. It really opened up the eyes to a sense of honesty in a portrait that I can’t get enough of.

Thanks to my wonderful subjects for stopping by! 

In order of appearence: Al Quintero, Michelle Liando, Chris Muir and Lindsey Lauckner

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Client: Hello, I asked one of my friends and he said that you built our site using Hotmail.

Me: Excuse me! What do you mean?

Client: You used Hotmail to build my site.

Me: We can’t do that, nobody can. Hotmail is owned by Microsoft and they offer free email accounts. It’s not a development…

This one is too hilarious to not reblog….

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Fantastic lettering work made by Anton Brunistrov for a glass door. Really impressive.


Photo 30 May 2 notes Some days, I’ll sketch ppl on the streetcar on a newspaper, then I’ll awkwardly leave the paper on the seat next to them and walk off the train. #weirdo

Some days, I’ll sketch ppl on the streetcar on a newspaper, then I’ll awkwardly leave the paper on the seat next to them and walk off the train. #weirdo

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